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       Reliable, fully tested, exchange PCBs for nearly all central heating and electric flow boilers
Due to the vast stock at our European distribution centre, we can provide most PCBs as Direct Sale items and we usually ship the same day as your order is received.
Use the search box to find the PCB you need.
Hot Tip: only put in the search box, just part of the search term i.e. if looking for a Baxi Solo PCB, only enter "solo", sometimes the more you put in the search, the less you may find.
  • Obsolete PCBs, We repair most makes of so called 'Obsolete' PCBs. Just because the manufacturer ceases production, doesn't mean your heating system has to be scrapped. We repair hundreds of PCBs every month that are no longer made. Please call our helpline number or email If you can't see the PCB you need on our website.We can repair almost any PCB as long as component parts are still available.

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