DIRECT SALE Biasi Garda Riva & Parva Main PCB BI1475116 or BI1605112

Condition: Refurbished


DIRECT SALE of Main PCB for the following Biasi models:
Part Number BI1475116 or BI1605112
  • Riva Plus M90D 24SR & 28SR
  • Parva M90 24SR & 28SR
  • Garda M90F 24SR & 28SR
  • Riva Compact HE M96.28 SM/C
  • Parva M90 24S & 28S
  • Riva Plus M90D & M90E 28S
  • Garda M90F 24S & 28S
  • Riva Compact M90E 24S
  • Riva Compact M90E 28S
  • Riva Compact M90E 32S
  • Garda M90F 32S
  • Riva Compact HE M96.24 SM/C
  • Garda HE M96. 24 and 28

Direct sale of this PCB with Special Offer available! See below.

We also supply the ignition PCB for these models please check our other items.

2 year guarantee on all reconditioned PCBs
Half Price Special Offer!
When you have received and fitted our PCB why not send us your old PCB for repair at half price, you will then have a spare PCB available in case of future failure. It will cost half the price you paid for the first PCB at only £60 plus post and packing. It also has a 2 year guarantee.

* in accordance with our terms and conditions.


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