Replacement Electrode Lead for Johnson Controls G737LGA-1 fitted to Andrews Water Heaters etc.

Condition: New


Replacement ELECTRODE LEAD (HT cable). (Spark Plug Type Connector).

This will fit Johnson Controls Ignition Boxes type G737LGA-1

Fitted to many gas appliances, such as boilers, water heaters, gas ironing machines, chip fryers, rice cookers etc.

Length: 62 cm o/a

Please check the length required is equal to or less than 62cm

If you are are having to reset regularly due to ignition lock out, then it is likely that the electrode lead may need replacement. 90% of lock out problems are due to the failure of the PCB, the other 10% can be due to breakdown of the old 'red rubber' electrode lead. See Photo 2.

Simple procedure to replace - takes less than 5 minutes, and could save you ££s and a lot of frustration.

Please see our other items for all types of boiler and gas fire PCBs.

PLEASE NOTE: This has the spark plug type round connector (photo 3) and is not suitable for the Johnson Controls G737NGA-2 which has a spade type flat connector. Please see our other items for this part.


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